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1. Dylan Tauber - location: Northern Israel path: Electronic musician, artist, and author. Founder of the SWS Network, Double Mirrors and Ones and Zeros theories, and editor of the 12 Dolphins blog. Send an e-mail
 2. Carmen path: Soulmate. location: Israel, originally, Philippines.
3. IsraelNDE.org - publicizing near death and out of body experiences in Israel
 4. Sierra Goodman web site: DivineDolphin.com path: Dolphin, spiritual guide
 5. I am Tesla location: Born in Serbia path: A great genius who lit up the world
 6. NDERF.org - Near Death Experience Research Foundation, Dr. Jeffery Long
7. OBERF.org - Out of Body Experience Research Foundation, Jody Long, JD
8.  IANDS.org - International Association for Near Death Studies
 9. Glenn Manglona web site: Pacific Sounds album path: island musician
10. AstralHealing.org path: Bringing the astral healing centers down to earth.
11. Eco Ocean location: Sdot Yam, Israel path: Protecting Israel's coast
12.  IMMRAC - Israel Marine Mammal Research and Assistance Center

 12Dolphins.org Mission:

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  1. Communicate the vision of Double Mirrors and Ones and Zeros
  2. Promote Human Dolphin / Whale inter-species communication
  3. Promote and create dolphin and whale photography, video, and music
  4. Promote Near Death and Out of Body Experience information in partnership with NDERF.org, OBERF.org, and IANDS.org
  5. Study the bottlenose dolphins off the coast of Northern Israel
  6. Protect the environment on the coast of Israel
  7. Produce and record music on a remote island in the Pacific
  8. Post a blog and write news articles about spirituality, love, and awareness
  9. Work towards understanding human consciousness
  10. Support scientific research into understanding the human brain, in Israel and internationally. In partnership with BBR Foundation , NIPI, and OCfoundation.

    mission statement in Hebrew:

12Dolphins.org Press Release May 2013

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